Six Hundred Four Shoes - Vancouver, BC

Located in the heart of Vancouver’s Gastown, Six Hundred Four is an artist-designed, limited edition premium sneaker brand that lives by one simple principle: shoes can be shoes; or they can be a storytelling piece of art.

To showcase a product that is both urban fashion and fine art, we approached the space with a concept of gallery meets street with a series of high contrast design elements; clean white walls meet exposed stone foundation; raw fir beams meet integrated lighting; precision cut millwork meets black expanded metal.

Wall space was at a minimum in the narrow interior. Not wanting to give up the few windows existing along the east side, we added two pivoting partitions below the central fir beam, bisecting the space, and doubling the wall space for art display. Shifting the walls allows the space to transform to highlight specific art pieces or change the traffic flow for events or new exhibitions. It’s also a fun surprise for visitors!

The space blends urban elements with crisp modern details to welcome art lovers and street-wear aficionados alike.

Photography by: Ema Peter Photography