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Vancouver's Top Interior Designer

I’ve been listed as one of Vancouver’s top 15  Interior Designers!  There are some seriously talented people on this list, and I feel very lucky to be named among them.  Build Direct is behind this round-up of favourites and are looking for your input to name the winner(s).  You can see the entire list and cast your vote here. […]

Registered Interior Designers

When people used to ask me what I do, I would say: ‘I’m an Interior Designer’. This response typically prompts people to ask questions like: ‘oh, you must LOVE those design shows?!’ or ‘So, you help people pick paint colours and furniture, right?’. These are not dumb questions (as any good educator will tell you; […]


Many of you likely spent Friday and/or the weekend at the Vancouver Convention Center, taking in IDSwest and the related talks and seminars. While you were there, I hope you had a chance to stop by the Prototype booth to see the work of the twelve finalists in this juried design competition. As you know, […]

Prototype at IDSwest

Tonight is the opening party for IDSwest, officially kicking off the Interior Design show that will run through the weekend. Here you’ll see the latest and greatest in interior finishes, furniture and lighting as well as a showcase of local designers, seminars, and celebrity speakers. But what does it actually take to make a show […]

Mak on Desire to Inspire

Hanna & Aaron’s house was featured on the fantastic Desire To Inspire today!  This is a blog that I visit regularly for inspiration and it’s so exciting to see my own work on there. Thanks to Kim & Jo for the blog love. See the full post here.


Every now and then in the world of design, someone makes an incredible innovation to an every day item. An item who’s function is so basic and necessary that it’s never even crossed your mind that it could be improved upon. Like a door.

Dickson Residence

True of False: When planning a renovation, the first step is to call a Contractor to get a price? False! Think about it; you’re asking for a price and you don’t know what you want yet. That makes no sense. Would you ask a travel agent how much you’ll be spending on your holiday when […]


It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a WIP post, hasn’t it? These photos span a little more than a week but they include some of my favourite recent design finds. Enjoy!  


If you make regular trips over the Granville Street bridge, you’ve likely noticed a new addition on the West side. The new architectural addition is especially noticeable at night when it’s neon letters reading ‘GEASMT KUNST WERK’ are lit up in bright white. I was intrigued so I did a little digging … 

photo 1

We plan a lot of major home renovations here at MãK and we love it! It’s an exciting challenge to see the potential in an existing space and to strategize how to make the most of it. We see a lot of the same questions come up from Clients about the process of planning a […]