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On a recent trip to Seattle, I was strolling around near Capitol Hill and stumbled upon a window showing these large colourful and textured art pieces. I literally did one of those cartoon-style double takes where the head is immediately transfixed by a sideline item, while the feet, oblivious, just carry right along down the […]

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I am always blown away by the talent of those designers and artists who can capture the essence of a space or building with the simplest of pen strokes. Sketching and rendering is one of my favourite parts of being an Interior Designer but I have a habit of going way overboard on the literal […]


If you haven’t spent time checking out Kickstarter campaigns, you’re missing out on sneak peeks at some fantastic creative projects AND the opportunity to make them happen!  With all the great projects to choose from it can be a little overwhelming so we thought we’d share some of our current favourite campaigns with you.  We’re […]